As we know,people from different countries have the different hobbies and buying habits as well as the way to deal with the business; In order to provide the best service for our customers as well as know them deeply;Our sales department and product department have been divided into 5 groups;includes:Asia-Pacific;Europe;North America;South America and Africa;Different customers can be served by different groups;

Besides the innovation;the quality control is first class for our company;In order to provide the best quality to our customers with affordable price;The quality control process have been divided into 4 steps;1st step:Product Development Quality Control;2nd step:Preproduction sample evaluation;3rd step :Mass Production Quality Control;4th step:After Sales Quality Control;And below is the quality control process;


R&D is the foundation for the every company development;Our company have more than 5 people for product develop; who design the products and package for our customers;Meanwhile the marketing colleague who be responsible for the marketing analysis as well as the competitors; We would like to share the marketing information with our customers,which help them to make the good decision;

The famous words from“The Art Of War" is that Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories;